About us
About us

Contractor of environmental technologies.

From the very beginning, the company Bioalternativa has been offering to farmers, to whom it is important protection of the healthy environment during production, methods and advantages of applicable technology in agriculture, which protect the environment.

D.o.o. Bioalternativa was founded in 2009.

The company performs activities in the main agricultural branches:

  • in the production of field crops
  • in vegetable production
  • in fruit production and viticulture
  • in the production of ornamental plants and foliar fertilization of plants
  • in cleaning the environment
  • in composting and wastewater treatment.

Company goals:

  • production of healthy, quality food,
  • replacement of artificial fertilizers and plant protection products with ecological alternatives,
  • promoting regeneration and cleaning of soil and environment,
  • introduction of new methods in livestock breeding, as well as in the breeding of healthy livestock, without steroids, hormones and antibiotics,
  • application of biological methods for cleaning canals, sewage, septic tanks, ponds, etc.

The company Bioalternativa continuously provides expert advice to achieve the mentioned goals for partners, who follow a similar value system.

Among the products of the company Bioalternativa are the products of world manufacturers, which have been applied to several continents of the world for a long time, and provide outstanding results.

Biolaternativa maintains cooperation with several European teams of researchers, who provide useful solutions for the practical implementation of environmental solutions.

Our company is happy to make this useful knowledge and applicable instructions available to all its partners.

The company Bioalternativa through teamwork with its partners wants to contribute to a responsible presence and activities in nature, as well as realistically sustainable development!


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